What are your thoughts these NBA 60's franchise players?

Baltimore Bullets: Walt Bellamy

Boston Celtics: Bill Russell

Chicago Bulls: Jerry Sloan

Cincinnati Royals: Oscar Robertson

Detroit Pistons: Dave DeBusschere

Los Angeles Lakers: Jerry West

Milwaukee Bucks: Jon McGlocklin

New York Knicks: Willis Reed

Philadelphia 76ers: Hal Greer

Phoenix Suns: Dick Van Arsdale

San Diego Rockets: Don Kojis

San Francisco Warriors: Wilt Chamberlain

Seattle SuperSonics: Walt Hazzard

St. Louis Hawks: Bob Pettit

BQ: What are your thoughts on the 60's of NBA (1959-60 to 1968-69)?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Its accurate.

    BQ: The 60's of the NBA is fine.

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