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Why can't conservatives explain these gaping holes in their Hunter Biden hoax?

• Hunter Biden, for some reason, decides to have 3 laptops repaired a thousand miles from where he lives.


• He doesn’t return to get the laptops.


• The repair shop employee has a condition that doesn’t allow him to recognize people, but he decides that the laptops belong to Hunter Biden because of stickers from the Beau foundation.


• He then proceeds to search through Hunter’s laptop and finds these incriminating e-mails.


• He then contacts the FBI, or the FBI contacts him (yes, this repairman claims both) and they issue a subpoena to get the laptop.


• Before the laptop is taken by the FBI, this repairman makes a copy of the hard drive.


• After months of no news from the FBI, the repairman decides to make the hard drive reach Rudy Giuliani (lol).


• Rudy then hands over the hard drive to a Trump supporter that writes for the NYP. And the “smoking gun” is published.


Additional relevant information...


• The FBI has warned that Russian agents were going to release false e-mails to try and influence the election.


• Rudy Giuliani has been confirmed by intelligence agencies to have been compromised by Russian agents.


• Metadata of the pdf files indicates that they were created at the time of the impeachment.


• The moron who forged the e-mails managed to spell the Ukrainian’s first name wrong.

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  • Lili
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    3 months ago
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    They can't. The whole story is so shaky, nebulous, and tenuous that it's laughable.

    But it doesn't matter. The emails don't say anything compromising about Hunter Biden's father. The only one the Post published is merely thanks from a Ukrainian for introducing him to his father. He says it was an "honor".  No mention of money changing hands, influence peddling, any sort of crime.  Believe me, if there were any really compromising emails, the Post would have published them.

    No 'smoking gun' at all.

    And by this time, most people don't even care.  Voters have already made up their minds, including Rudy Giuliani's own daughter, who is voting for Biden.

    This is all very "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" territory. Both Giuliani and Bannon are making themselves look like morons. Too funny.

    Edit: By the way, to the idiot who claims Biden made millions on a politician's salary: he didn't.  He was always one of the poorest people in the Senate, as his tax returns make clear.  He didn't make any real money until after he left the vice-presidency and he and his wife signed multi-million-dollar book deals.  I defy anyone to find any proof whatsoever -- ANY proof -- that Biden made millions while in the Senate or as Vice-President.

    Come on: I'm waiting.

  • 3 months ago

    It’s a good thing Trump is casting doubt on blood relatives like this, seeing as Jared’s dad is a scamming jailbird. Trump put his son in law in charge anyhow. You peons have to live by different rules according to der Trumpenfuhrer.

  • Jeff D
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    3 months ago

    It's hardly surprising that Hunter Biden never returned for the laptops.  This is the same guy who left his driver's license, credit cards and a crack pipe in a Hertz rental car in Prescott, Arizona.  Crackheads do stupid stuff all the time.

    The Biden's haven't denied that it was Hunter's laptop.  In fact, Hunter Biden's lawyer tried to obtain the hard drive from the store hours after the story broke.  The best they can do is try to claim the photos and emails are forgeries, but too much of the data has been independently verified.

  • Sam
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    3 months ago

    They're trying to do another Comey.

    It worked for them last time when Comey found Anthony Wiener's laptop that didn't have anything on it they hadn't seen before.  Hopefully people have gotten more intelligent and can see it's a con game scam.  Everybody knows  that Trump is a dangerous whacko crook, but his supporters don't care.  He will always have them, no matter what he does.  Classic cult.  

    It doesn't matter if the whole Hunter laptop thing is proven to be a hoax, there will be some who will always believe it. 

    Source(s): I would love to see what's on Trumps sons laptops, like how they sold all their stocks before daddy announced a pandemic and the market crashed. Possibly even buying "puts" (options betting the market would go down) They could've made a fortune on that alone.
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  • 3 months ago

    Honestly, I've watched this banter for years now. This is when someone political rings up something scandalous. Then the target opponent says something to counter it in an attempt to kill the story. Round and round it goes. A few months after the election, we may find that the truth is somewhere in the middle. But the fact remains, if Joe Biden wasn't rich to begin with, how did he gain millions and millions of dollars on a politician's salary? What would you do with that? 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Tell a trumpster what they want to hear (regardless how false) and they not only believe it, they embarrass themself spreading the fallacy. This is how gullible/feeble minded they are. This diminished mentality is practically a prerequisite to be a trumpster.

  • 3 months ago

    I just think it's completely irrelevant. I don't give a shi­t about the laptop or the emails. Biden is on camera boasting about the Burisma Holdings corruption. The end.. there is no 'debunking' your way out of this

  • Frank
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    3 months ago

    Stay on that and let us know.  We’re re-electing Trump. 

  • 3 months ago

    Then why are you so worried ?

    Personally I see the emails tying together what we all have known all along . Hunter has been laundering foreign bribe and extortion money for his Dad ( The Big Guy ) for many years

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    But Vlad said this was a sure winner! He said it was even better than the child sex pizza parlor scam! Vlad has the best scams, doesn't he? He makes me jealous!

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