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Was Margaret Sanger trying to curve global warming, poverty, and crime rate?

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    Global Warming wasn't part of her agenda back then, but it should be. With the world population at 8 billion & 85% of the Tropical Rain Forest & wildlife habitat have been converted for human settlements, cultivation, entertainment (stadiums/golf course), airports..., wild life are being confined to ever decreasing habitat endangering their existence further to the brink.

    3rd world countries, Al Jazeera reported, are baby factories where the age of consent is a young as 12 years of Age. Poor 17-25 year old adult men are targeting these innocent tweens under coercion as no respectable woman would marry these men who can't even support themselves, & these men don't take responsibility. More than half of poor men in 3rd world countries are deadbeats that relies on their parents, siblings or their mistresses parent & siblings to house them & their children to as many as 12, thus the cycle of poverty keeps repeating.

    Some 3rd world countries where abortion is illegal espouses abstinence before marriage, but it's not working among the poorest population having weak impressionable young girls brought up by dead beat fathers & mothers who were weak & impressionable themselves. Sterilization of these predatory men helps more to the health & safety of underage girls & greatly help reduce the pressure on repetitive cycle of poverty.

    Some 3rd world countries have marriage before sex laws, but child marriage & polygamy is legal. Yet still, pregnancies out of wedlock occurs. Rather than get stoned to death the mothers abandons their child in the dumpsters to die. The women are the ones who usually get stoned or beheaded to death even when they are victims of rape. Adoption of non relatives in 3rd world Islamist controlled countries isn't practiced as the children adopted will most likely get treated like a slave since the belief in the practice of slavery is heavily taught in their scriptures. Slavery in these countries only ended 55 years to 13 years ago (Mauritania), but still practiced under quietly or secretly by Islamist countries, the Sahel & sub Saharan countries as reported by Al Jazeera just 5 years ago in Libya (Obama's meddling), ISIS Caliphate (Obama's support of Arab Spring & inaction, JV team), Yemen, Sudan...

    3rd world countries needs their own social purity movement to make it a crime for 16 year old & adult men to have sex with under age girls below the age of 16. Child marriages under 16, make it illegal. Punishment should be sterilization, if not castration, for impregnating just 1 under age girl or they'll keep doing it. In the U.S. a Sub Saharan descent adult volunteered to get sterilized for impregnating 14 underage girls being charge with welfare fraud & failure to pay child support.

    Contraception & Education is not 100% effectives as 1st & 2nd world countries still have high illegitimacy rates. People from 1st world countries think that open 3rd world illegal immigration & adopting the excess children of 3rd world countries help them when all 1st world people do is perpetuate the problem as they are taking away the responsibility off the hands of 3rd world countries & the children's living parents & relatives allowing them to over populate even more for charity & activist groups to exploit for more donations. Human trafficking baby factories are selling babies to bleeding hearts Europeans & slave underground in North & East Africa (underground only to hide itself from international scrutiny). Is it cheaper for Europeans to buy trafficked babies from 3rd world countries than to adopt European babies in their Nation or Neighboring Nation? Why not adopt a critically endangered animal instead or a pure bred rare domesticated canine or feline instead.

    Before the industrial revolution in western countries, polygamy, pedophilic marriages & pedophilic rape from tribal warfare were a way of life for thousands of years in these 3rd world countries. In terms of a healthy responsible family upbringing, they are a couple hundred years behind. They need a mandatory one child policy  for working poor with 2 parents, & 0 child policy for dead beats, rapist & murderers.

    The world is drowning in plastics (upholstery, utensils, auto parts, aircraft parts, pipes, cushions, insulations, cups, plates, crates, syringes, medicine bottles, packaging, trash bags...) & all kind's of pollution (batteries, electronics, toxic heavy metals, drugs, chemicals...) due population overload which is a much greater treat than CO2 that helps green the planet. The more people there are the more consumption of all resources, the more manufacturing, the more waste, the more pollution of all kinds, the more vulnerable or endangered nature, fauna & flora are from extinction. Before the Industrial Revolution, Mankind was less than half a Billion in population throughout the world, now Mankind is 7.5 Billion & growing ever so fast (mostly 3rd world countries) since the 1930s as food preservation (canning/refrigeration), automated transportation (vehicles of all types: Land, Rail, Air, & Sea), electronics, plastic & breakthroughs in modern medicines became abundant & common.

    The US & Mexico needs a 10 mile wide Great Green wall on both side of the border. The border towns, homes, or homestead at the vicinity of the border wall needs to be relocated as cabin homesteads 9-10 miles away from the border on both side. Let the Great Green Wall of America be a wild life sanctuary for indigenous Wildlife such as the Ocelot, Bobcat, Jaguar, Mexican Crocodiles, Buffalos, Foghorns, Elk, California Grizzly & Mexican Brown Bear.

    Urban & Suburban cities needs lungs by planting pocket forest & build vertical forest. There should be a 7 acre forest park with an acre or 3 acre wide farms surrounding it at every 10 miles radius at 4 points of the Compass in urban & sub-urban cities.

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    global warming wasn't discovered yet when she was still alive

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    Her goal was to prevent future Trump supporters from being born. MAGA!

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    Sanger creating Planned Parenthood to prevent black babies is a well recognized and vastly debunked pro-life lie.

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