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So confused!  Someone help me get this straight about the "Biden laptop" & e-mails story being spread by Trumpsters and Rudy Giuliani?

Early in 2019, someone who "looked like" Hunter Biden, according to the legally blind computer shop owner, supposedly drops off somewhere between one and three MacBooks (the number keeps fluctuating depending on who's telling the tale) in Delaware.  Biden lives in Calif.  Despite the laptops being loaded with incriminating e-mails & videos, that "Hunter" completely forgets about it/them. When asked by investigators about how he acquired the laptop(s), the owner of the computer store, John Paul MacIsaac, was unable and unwilling to answer questions about how they arrived in his store. These laptops then sit in his store for nearly a year before MacIsaac, for reasons that are unclear, turns just the hard drive over to the FBI.  MacIssac obviously didn't know that MacOS encrypts all the data on that hard drive by default. Then, MacIsaac, frustrated with the Republican-run Senate (?), turns a fully encrypted copy of the hard drive, not the hard drive itself but a copy, over to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Robert Costello. Costello and Rudy then sit on the "evidence" for many more months, then somehow magically decrypt the entire drive for releasing now, less than three weeks before the election. Strangely, nobody aside from the NY Post has seen or corroborated the e-mails supposedly on the hard drive, and Giuliani has refused to allow other news outlets or computer forensic specialists to see the computer, the hard drive or the full headers on any of the "incriminating" e-mails.


@Mr Bill B--Such as?  Tass?  RT?

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    It gets worse.  The laptop was a MacBook.  Since 10.7 (July 2011) MacOS has had full drive encryption.  It's rather absurd to believe the drive was unencrypted.  A copy of the full drive would contain tons of email & file-system metadata that could be used for forensic analysis.  The NYPost chose NOT to do an independent forensic analysis, and that failure speaks VOLUMES.

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    Of curse it's all an evil diabolical plot.

    Obviously Giuliani in exchange for flirty-winks at tea parties with the Trump Daughters employed sinister cloak & dagger trench-coat types to recruit a Hunter lookalike 

    to seemingly abandon a laptop loaded with fake stuff into the hands of a clueless repairperson. 

    Since no-less obviously not even the 'Real' Hunter Biden could possibly be so frkn stupid.

    OMFG what's the world coming to with people so insidiously corrupt that they would resort to such plainly transparent Tom Clancy paperback craft as to insult even a below-average intelligence!  

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    Trumpsters and Rudy Giuliani created a laptop that no one believes is Hunter Biden's.

    I heard another copy of the original fake laptop will surface soon. I guess it's got new improved lies  ? Since the earlier versions didn't tell us anything interesting.

    My question is, Isn't it a crime to copy info from someone's laptop without their permission ?  If the laptop is real, it's stolen. 

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    Forget the picture being painted. And focus on the painters and the histories. To see if these portraits of their rivals weren't presented in different paintings.......👌

    These are evil creationists creating evil stories about men.

    Same as in the movies.

    The one who brings you the news of evil. He is the devil.👁️

    And yes I do see I bring news of evil of backwards people (like they progressed from 6k yr old text)......

    But I AM not a believer.....🤭

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    People are seeing right through this one 

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    Watch a real news source not CNN msnbc or MSM. Look for another that tells both stories  not just Democrat run news 

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    1. The computer came from a Trump supporter's repair shop.

    2. He supposedly turned it over to the FBI.

    3. Barr's FBI (assuming they actually got it) didn't do anything with it.

    4. Rudy Giuliani gets his hands on it and SURPRISE! it has emails from Biden's son.

    Anybody who buys this is a) a dupe or b) intentionally blind to problems with this claim.

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