Why doesn't the NBA just come clean and admit they're a wholly owned subsidiary of the Beijing Nike Corporation?

...and that LeBron James is pretty much just a prostitute for China?


Well, and then there is the endorsement money that Nike pays to James and a lot of others to shill for them.  All I know is when Beijing screamed about NBA personnel tweeting pro-Hong Kong messages, James pretty much told the guy to shut up, and the NBA sucked up to the CCP pretty quickly.

1 Answer

  • The NBA is a trade association.  They were a non-profit until a few years ago.  The monetary value is in the franchises.  The league itself has minimal value other than the contracts it owns

    FWIW sponsorship revenue accounts for 10% of league revenue (the money that Nike pays to be the official uniform supplier falls into this bucket).  If you think an entity providing less than 10% of league revenue is driving that bus, you're wrong.  Their broadcast rightsholders (ESPN, Turner, and all of the local broadcasters) have the real power due to the amount of money they kick in.

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