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Is it possible to turn a normal usb storage stick into a spying device ?

I need to put some software on it, so that each time the user plugs it into their PC and goes online, I can see what files are being put on there.

I'm guessing finding someone with the know-how on how to achieve this shouldn't be too difficult but I suspect they'll be asking for some serious bucks for this.

can it be done ?


Robert J - who said anything about 'auto run' ?

the script runs when the user opens a folder on the usb stick lol

simply as that.

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    2 months ago

    well, first of all, that would be illegal, which is why such a thing is not sold.

    secondly, it is more complex than you think, as access to a person's internet connection is locked down without permission to it. at least on Windows 10...

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    possible?  yes.  easy -- not hardly.  in essence, you'd need to create malware that evades the computer's anti-malware systems.  what's wrong with simply listing all files by date created or updated?  the most recent ones are the new ones that were added or changed

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    Twenty years ago it would have been, as back then any device or disc was checked for an autorun script & that was executed it it existed.

    However that made spreading malware stupidly easy, so auto run has been disabled in all operating systems for many years.

    You simply cannot force any new program to run by connecting a USB device.

    Actually making something that did what you want and using it would be an imprisonable offence, by the way, so it's probably a good thing that it is not possible.

    [Professional electronics designer & programmer for ~50 years, also an original 70s (legal) hacker; it means nothing like what TV & movies portray it as].

    Edit - you said you wanted a spying device:

    "so that each time the user plugs it into their PC and goes online"

    "Spying" is by definition a covert act.

    The user would have to explicitly run a program and grant access. 

    That's not spying, it's voluntarily providing access. 

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