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who else bored af during this coronavirus isolation?

im bored nothing to do or movies to watch or interested in anything at all feel like crying with no reason suicide thinking for no reason who else ...and tell me if u got good things to watch on netflix  

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    NOT everyone that bored because of the pandemic. It is not great at all. No or not too much human interaction.

    You also have to think about people never got married, never adopted one or two kids or has Mental Illness. They live alone, well some of them. Unless they live at a board and care, co op or rent a place with someone. These people have been like that long before there was even COVID-19 or any pandemic. They got no human noise of anyone they really know well around them, I should say living with them. You can say where are the interactions between humans. You or anyone got to wonder how many or how little close friends do any of these people have.

    MAYBE one thing for sure someone who say 29, 35, 47 or 52 not going to go  into some assistant living. They still work, maybe a 4 year college type that pays well or. not. But just that they have no family of their own. Can they live any of their siblings and their family or a close relative and their family?

    You also have to think about the real world version of The Odd Couple, Perfect Strangers, Two And A half Men, Three's Company and Hot in Cleveland. How is life really like How much of each is true like the real world? Another thing to think about, Arnold Schwarzenegger is he living alone in his big house. Is there one or two other human beings he know very very  living there with him. Since he and Maria Shriver are divorce. Is she still living there with him, so the both of them have company.

    By the way IF you really need help you should go find a Mental Health Therapist or a Family Therapist that can help you. Even ask a family member to help you, let them know about your problem. Maybe they can help you in some way, help you can the help you need. Don't let it become a very big problem. IF it can be kept under control to certain point, that would be good. Even IF might not go away.

    Check does Netflix have any of these to watch.

    House Of Cards



    NCIS: Los Angeles

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Blue Blood

    Walker Texas Ranger

    Nash Bridges

    Hot in Cleveland

    Cannonball Run

    Cannonball Run II


    Bruce Almighty


    American President



    Ocean's Eleven

    Ocean's Thirteen

    Back To The Future movies

    The Big Hit


    Angel Has Fallen

    Born In East L.A.

    My Blue Heaven

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    King Of California

    Black Rain


    Out To Sea


    Big Trouble In Little China

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    Not me. I continue to go out and eat, drive around, walk in the park, and even travel to other states. I figured the mental anguish and stress of staying locked up in my home would take a much bigger toll on me than if I actually got the coronavirus. And in July, I did get it, and found out I was right. I was quarantined for 2 weeks, and it seemed like 2 years - all for symptoms that were like a mild cold for me. I do understand that others have more severe symptoms, but I find it ridiculous that some healthy people in their prime choose to stay locked up for months on end over this. Go out and live your life and regain your health. Wear a mask where you can't social distance, and wash your hands. 

  • how the fck you be bored???

    There's learning an instrument, learning a new language, learning to draw or paint, playing cards, playing video games, dancing, hanging with friends, watching tv

    GTFOH with that Nonsense that you are bored!!!


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    I didn’t have much of a life before anyway. 

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