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Do people usually transfer schools if they’re accused of doing something bad even if they’re found not guilty ?

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    Depends how they are treated in school.  We have this thing going around, presumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent so even if they are found not guilty or the case is dismissed, people will assume they are guilty because they were accused of something.  I even had one employer tell me that the police don't investigate innocent people so if you are being investigated, you are guilty.  Hopefully everyone will accept the finding of not guilty and everything will continue as normal.  In some cases, people won't accept the finding of not guilty and a transfer will be necessary.  If things go back to normal, then a transfer would not be the normal course of action.

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    Not always, but it's not uncommon.  The problem is that merely being accused of doing something very wrong can color people's perception of you, even if you are exonerated, and that can negatively affect your remaining experience at the school. 

    In these circumstances, a lot of people feel it's best to go elsewhere. However, finding another school to take you could be tough.  At some, it's easier to get in as a transfer. Others -- especially very good schools -- take few transfers no matter what.  But even at a school that's very open to transfers, an admissions office is going to look very, very closely at anyone who is transferring because of an accusation and investigation at another school.

    The problem is that they have to wonder what led to the accusation in the first place.  If someone was accused of rape and then exonerated simply because there wasn't enough evidence -- a classic "she said, he said" situation -- the admissions staffers are going to worry that he really did engage in some form of sexual coercion; they just couldn't prove it. They'd be wary of admitting him.

    Note that you couldn't lie about why you were transferring.  You'd have to be honest about it.

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    Sometimes they do, sure.

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    People usually CAN'T transfer to another school.

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    Being found not guilty doesn't stop everyone from thinking you did it anyway. So yeah depending on the crime people still transfer schools.

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