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Fish tank cycling ?

Hello man I have a question about cycling a tank. I have been trying to cycle a tank for about 2 weeks now. I had some “algae hair” in my tank a few days ago. At least that’s what I think it was. I was told to clean it up best I could I didn’t want it spreading. So I took everything out and cleaned it to be sure. Now I hear it could have been a good thing. But anyway I am two weeks in and I tested my water and the ammonia is low and the nitrites and nitrates are high. Really high. Nitrite is about 1-2ppm and nitrate is around 80 ppm. Should I do another water change? What should I do? Is this normal and will it level out 

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    If there is any ammonia at all, your tank isn't cycled at all.  You can go to YouTube to find out how to cycle an aquarium properly.  I also recommend plants in your aquarium.  Over time, they will help to reduce the nitrate load.  

    Seems like nitrAte at 80 PPM isn't that bad.  

    You can always add a couple snails right now, too

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    I have to assume by 'Algae Hair' you mean algae that has broken off some part of the tank and is floating around freely. In that case it was probably good. 

    The best way to cycle a tank is to buy the Cheapest fish you can, throw them in the tank, feed them, and if they die, leave them in there a day or two and Then take them out.  Their waste will go far to cycle the tank faster. 

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