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What battle of WW1 has a meaningful place in history?

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    First Battle of the Marne

    Battle of Verdun

    Battle of the Somme

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    Battle of Somme (Somme Offensive) - more than a million casualties over about 5 months and only about 5 miles of ground taken.  An example of how lives were literally thrown away in a failed attempt to end the war in victory.  There were actually multiple battles like this, but this may have been the most wasteful in human lives.

    Here are some other good battles:

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    Battle of Cambrai.  First use of tanks.

    Battle of Jutland, 1916. The naval battle which sent the 'marvellous' German High Seas Fleet back to port, never again to show its face to the British Royal Navy, though in fact the Germans technically 'won' that battle. The subsequent decision to concentrate on submarine warfare against civilian shipping brought the USA into the war, which ensured victory for 'The Allies'.

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    In the Battle of Somme in 1916 there were over 1,000,000 casualties and neither side gained ground or won anything. Ironically, I guess it was meaningless.

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