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Do Trump supporters understand that in the United States of America, kidnapping and murder are crimes?

Unless they were born yesterday, I presume they do. So, since its logical that they do know, why would they brazenly commit such an American crimes as kidnapping and executing a politician that they disagree with? and the crime of that politician in their twisted minds? murder, genocide, planning the killing of thousands of people of a particular race or the elderly and sickly? no......  the politician is guilty of trying to save lives...... oh the horror !!!! 

So what gives here? Are they telling us they are no longer Americans and have some loyalty to some other bizarre entity? Will they soon be displaying just a white flag with a black skull smack in the middle?


wrong. I am against illegal immigration. I have been speaking out against it since the 1990's.   

Update 2:

Shows how stupid and wrong you are.

Update 3:

Crickets from Trump supporters.  We are waiting for why Trump supporters believe a politician who wants to save the lives of Americans needs to be kidnapped and executed while politicians who actually seem to want to kill as many Americans as possible using Covid19 as their weapon should admired and revered.  Trump supporters, if you can actually mount an intelligent explanation of what you do and believe in, we await your answer.

Update 4:

Once again. Yes illegal immigration is wrong and I disagree with illegal immigration. I have been against illegal immigration since the 1990's.  boy oh boy what is wrong with you Trump lemmings? Can you actually explain and defend the question at hand instead of using Russian trick of what about ISM distraction?

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    Trumpanzees are an exceptional people and believe that laws always need to be applied all of the time to all the people with them being the exception.

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    They weren't Trump supporters!

  • In my country, the United States of America, it’s illegal to cross a border without proper identification and with the intent to stay 

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    There's very little that Trump supporters believe that's actually true.

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    crossing the border without the proper paperwork is also illegal but you don’t seem to have a problem with that 

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