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Girl that wants to play hockey in Junior year?

I am a sophmore. I played lacrosse for a few years but I just feel like the people on the team are so toxic. I want to switch sports. I have come down to either hockey or tennis. If I play tennis, my friend is on the team. I played hockey and tennis in middle school for a year but I haven't been on the ice. I am leaning more towards hockey though and I just need help on knowing more about the sports in high school before making a decision. 

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    1 month ago

    Basically unrealistic if not a strong skater in all aspects AND know the game inside out. 

    Try playing lacrosse in a wheelchair, while others execute the game in cleats full speed.

  • If you haven't been on the ice then this is likely a non-starter.  If you can't skate, then you can't play.  Not just forward skating.  Backwards, side to side, stopping/starting, crossovers, etc.  You're going up against players who likely have been playing the game for 5-7 years.  Never mind all the other skill sets you need (passing, shooting, stickhandling, being able to do these things at a high rate of speed).  

    Economically, hockey is expensive.  Equipment (including skates) can easily run over $1000, and sticks can easily run $100 or more (and break).

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    i dont see anything wrong with that

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