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Physics Capacitor Question, help?

Three capacitors are arranged as shown in the figure. C1 has a capacitance of 5 pF, C2 has a capacitance of 10 pF, and C3 has a capacitance of 15 pF. Find the voltage drop across the entire arrangement if the voltage drop across C2 is 266 V.

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    voltage across C₂ and C₃ is 266 volts

    C₂ and C₃ add to 25 pF, so charge on the two is Q = CV = 266•25 pCthat same charge is also on C₁, so the voltage across it isV = Q/C = 266•25 pC / 5 pF = 5•266 voltstotal voltage is the sum 6•266 = 1596 v

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