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If you are over 18 and live at home does your mom get to tell you what to do?

I'm 19 but my mom is still treating me like a child.  She gets mad when I spend the night at my boyfriend's place and always saying crap about getting pregnant or diseases. And she also gets mad when he stays at our house for too long.  Like the other night when it was one in the morning, she told me that it was late and time for him to go home like I was in high school or something! Plus she's always nagging me about cleaning my room and when I leave my dishes. But I'm an adult and I don't understand why she's treating me like a child.  Does she have the right to do that because I don't think she does? 

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    You are always going to be a child for your parents.

    Maybe she is not in realization that you have grown up.

    I don't imagine a 19 year old would be seen as a grown up in a general sense.

    If you feel embarrassed, you should let your mother know.

    Maybe your mother is not in knowledge that she shouldn't be treating you like a child at this stage.

    You should be with patience, try to solve problems with *relaxed conversations. 

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    For someone who is an adult, you sure whine a lot.  

    I wouldn't want some guy visiting at my house at1:00 AM either..... i need my rest.  I have a job and responsibilities, and don't need the noise or interruptions.  

    Adults don't leave dirty dishes all over the place, either. That would drive me nuts too

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    He...your boyfriend should never spend the night at your mother's house where you live.

    For as long as you live her house she can tell you what to do....

    As a mom I'd say get 2 more jobs and save and be out in a year.

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    probably since its her house

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    I say yes to a point she does as after all it is her roof you are living under

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