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Why does Donald Trump want to leave the country if he loses the election?

President Trump has begun grappling in public with the possibility he may lose the election. At a rally Friday night, he floated the prospect of fleeing abroad. “Could you imagine if I lose?” he said. “I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”

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    He's too chicken to enter a courtroom & face a jury which'd convict him of various crimes.

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    interesting that @jesuschristman will go to the Netherlands where a monarch rules by decree.  That's what Trump wants.  Trump wants to be the monarch of America.  He has come very close to achieving his goal.  

    He turned down two stimulus packages the House sent, so he could make one with his name on it.   

    He wants his name signed on the checks everyone receive so they will be beholding to him..  Never mind that it's the taxpayers themselves who are paying for it.   Typical Trump taking  credit on nothing he deserves credit for, and never taking responsibility for his failures. Those were all your fault, not his. 

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    He was joking.  He said that after saying Biden was the worst candidate ever.  It meant he'd be ashamed to lose to a demented, corrupt, lying racist like Biden.

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    Because he doesn't want to live in a craphole country where China own us. Im on the same boat,if Biden wins I will move to Netherlands.

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