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Have you seen the Bookies have now installed Rangers as firm favourites to stop Celtic doing 10 in a row?

and you know what they say, the bookies are never wrong. After 9 long years it looks like Celtic's firm grasp on the Scottish Premier League title is finally coming to an end. Oh well Celtic fans, I guess nothing lasts forever.

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    We have players  kneelin like peasants before a match...

    We have stadiums closed and people out of jobs

    We are forced to wear masks that restrict our breathin 

    What happened to brexit? 

    If people aren't furloughed and relyin on food banks... (its OK Maggie thats no u... Ur on benefits) So even if stadiums were open most folk wouldn't or couldn't afford to go

    Yet there u are goin on about a celtic... Ull be lucky if there's any leagues at all if this continues...u worry about piss poor rangers and if they'll survive long enough and hopefully this time if they die they'll stay dead... Go do what u thugs do best heh... 

  • Gambling lines are set to ensure action on both sides.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes. Paddy power has gers 1/2 and Celtic 13/10 for the league. 

    Celtic fans may bi*ch about not having all first team guys but if your back ups aren't good enough, you are screwed. Gerrard is usually shifting his team around and has decent backups. 

    If Celtic keep playing like little bhoys they never getting 10

  • Maggie
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    1 month ago

    I've said before that Steven Gerrard will be the one who stops 10. Celtic fans are getting scared now. You can see it in their posts on here. We're back competing and they're panicking. 

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