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What is the future of high end audio? What about HiFi?

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    HiFi came out in the 1950s.   It was OK but you could still hear imperfections in records and a hiss on tape.   Dolby solved a lot of those problems but it was still based upon fixing an analog recording either mechanical like with a record or magnetic with a tape.   What really fixed the problem was digital sound.   If you want pure sound like in a concert hall then you should be using CD/DVD or flash drive or computer stored system.    Surround sound is an interesting gimmick for movies but your ears are not set up for that,   they both point forward in one direction and what you hear in front is what you hear the best.   A good quality set of speakers that can do the full range of audio sound is sufficient.   Anything that can go above or below what you normally hear is over kill.   I would spend my money on speakers and less on the recording medium,  a good computer is all you need. 

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    At the minimum, CD or equivalent sources. 


    Better-than-CD quality can be had from SACD (a nearly dead format), 

    DVD-Audio (a truly dead format), and high-resolution downloads 

    or streaming services (be sure to check the specifications).  


    A few others are out there, too, but I'm a little behind on this stuff   

    so I don't know what they are called.   


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    Digital, high resolution with high sample rates.

    "HiFi" applies to any audio gear with less than 0.1% distortion. A decent digital audio system can easily be vastly better than that, 0.005% or better is not unusual.

    I agree with most of what the "USAF" answer says - except about surround.

    A lot of "stereo" music is actually surround encoded (using Dolby Pro Logic analog surround) and playing that through a decent surround amp definitely improves the overall sound.

    Played as stereo, all channels are mixed together; played through a pro logic decoder, the backing and "ambience" are separated out leaving the front channels much cleaner and clearer, with a 360' sound stage rather than just between the main stereo speakers.


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