2006 Dodge Charger Srt8?

P0700 and P2172... when I was gonna leave i turned the car on and it stalled and died. Tried starting it several times and same thing happened for a little bit but then it started up and drove back fine. Car feels fine when driving. Help 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    When the fuel pump check valve goes bad the fuel pressure in the fuel lines doesn't hold after several hours of sitting. To verify this before cranking the motor over turn the key to the ON position for 10 seconds and then OFF. Repeat this 3 times and then try starting the motor. If it starts right up and doesn't stall the fuel pump check valve is bad. The fuel pump isn't going to fil but unless you cycle the key 3 times after the car sits for several hours you'll be using the starter motor longer which will wear the starter out sooner. The fuel pump check valve is in the fuel pump.

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