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what do you do when you ring a helpline & the volunteer doesn't sound very interested in what you have to say?

this happened just before, i phoned the samaritans to talk about how im feeling, because of this covid pandemic and because i have mental problems, live alone in a flat and get lonely....and the girl who i spoke to at the samaritans didn't sound very interested in what i had to say?   just long silences and '' umm hmmm '' in response to what i was talking about.. which undermined my confidence.

i got frustrated and annoyed and cut the phonecall short, but i wasn't rude, threatening or uncivilized, but i felt like getting annoyed with her..

does anyone have any thoughts upon this situation?  im a male in my 40s.


pat - thankyou, i realized you were right, there could of been many reasons.

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    I'm guessing the girl who answered is very overworked these days and is having her own issues.  Not good customer service, but it's not about you.  You could report her, but she probably deserves a little sympathy.  Call again later and hopefully you'll get someone else.

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    Ask to speak to their supervisor.  The same thing applies when talking to customer service.

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    She likely recognized you from your comments, and voice. If you are sincerely seeking help, you get what you pay for. Professional help may be better that free volunteer counseling.

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