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Why do Trump supporters always hold their "protests" in white-dominated areas? Why don't they go to Compton, Harlem, Southside Chicago?

Trump is losing the election, Trump toadies!  Only 7% of Blacks are voting for him.  Why don't you take your "free speech" message to these voters and help out poor beleaguered Trump?

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    5 days ago

    Because we are all talk according to them.

    And for US who are men of their words. Omegas

     They NEED LAW to be on their side......

    To go outside their bubbled world preaching their toughness and righteousness.

    The pattern is evident in painting this brand of man as thuggish, rebellious, inhumane, etc.

    Throughout any time period.

    CS: I just have to respond since you mentioned Baltimore.

    I AM not into counterproduction.

    Those waste MANGEMENT companies and the contracts awarded to them are CORRUPT AS HELL.

    Change needs to start there to eliminate what you see in your picture as good.

    The gentrification of neighborhoods. Nice hoods where 20 years ago there were bad hoods tells me this.......👁️

    Same things with the people. If you try to go there.

    Those projects were FILTHY. Torned down and residents relocated to surrounding communities. Those communities dropped in value but no where they came from. Attitude different too.....🤔

    Products of the environment maybe...🤨

    Source(s): Oath Laws and negrophobia tells me this.👁️
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    I don't know if you heard about a Trump supporter being shot to death in Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon is pretty diverse. Besides, conservative groups have cleaned up black communities like Baltimore, does that count? They proved that protesting is easy, not committal to progress or beneficial as actually doing something to solve the problems. Protesting is only an introduction to a problem, never is it a solution or as constructive as acting in the interest of accomplishing something.

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  • 5 days ago

    Because we usually protest politics and do it peacefully. Most of you liberals just destroy things even your own community and attack ppeople with opposing views and skin tones that your mob doesn't like. Liberals are nasty racist communists

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