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Why are cities so poorly upkept ?

I went into Baltimore yesterday and as soon as I got close to the city, the roads went from dark paved to this old discolored pavement. There were potholes everywhere and traffic was swerving all over the place. Also everyone started driving much more aggressive. I saw graffiti and where they patched it and they someone graffitied back over the patch. When I got in the city everyone was just flying through red lights and stop signs and it was no order at all. Why are cities like that?

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  • 5 days ago

    To expensive.  And the citizens don't care and drop their rubbish everywhere.


  • Jerome
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    5 days ago

    In Jersey a few decades ago it was like this.

    I vowed never to go back.

    I wouldn't stop at the red lights or stop signs.

    They checked doors and smashing windows of cars with out of state tags..

    And no one better try to play dead in the middle of the road to get me to stop.....🤔

    Tells me it's spreading......this evil seed planted long ago.🤑

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Sounds like Los Angeles, Mexifornia.


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