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Baby rabbit ?

What should you feed a 8 week year old bunny ( Rex ) hay, pellets, what else 

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    Nameless is correct. No greens until 12 weeks and then start very slowly. Here is a link that explains how to introduce greens safely. Rabbit tummies are very sensitive and the wrong foods can lead to GI stasis.

    Also be careful about the type/brand of pellets you feed. Keep bunny on the same she was eating when you got her. Then you can transition her to a healthy brand if you need to by mixing the old brand with the new. Healthy pellets are plain and have no added seeds or any colorful bits mixed in. Those "gourmet" feeds are just junk. Here's a guide on which pellet feeds are healthiest:

    Congrats on the new bunny!

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    Sorry I do not have a sorse but namless is right. But I would also say that a rabbit dos not just eat carrots. Bugs Bunny may have but others cannot

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    Hay and pellets only. Unlimited amount of both. At 12 weeks you will need to start to slowly introduce veggies.

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