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How many dogs do you own?

I have 7 dogs. I don’t have them yet, they’re still at my neighbor’s breeding place getting ready to be my dogs. I’m getting them sometime after Christmas.


Hey chill out man, my neighbor is a great breeder! His mom is a vet and his dad is a police officer.

Update 2:

I am NOT a child. I’m 22 years old. I’m very responsible. Everything I told you is true. Sometime after Christmas, Our neighbor, ( a VERY reputable breeder ) is giving me 7 6 month old puppies :)

Update 3:

These dogs aren’t gonna fight. It’s not the breed of dog that makes them fight, it’s how their mothers were raised.

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    • "How many dogs do you own?"

    ½ of Bea:

    I had to get her breeder to collect her when my left leg was cut off and I was stuck in hospital for 2 months .

    My wife & I never had more than 8 pooches, except while a litter was being raised.

    • "I have 7 dogs. I don’t have them yet, they’re still at my neighbor’s breeding place getting ready to be my dogs. I’m getting them sometime after Christmas."

    So you start off with 9 words, the first 4 contradicted by the next 5....

    💥Q1: And are these (from your previous: question) the 7 dogs you are talking about? QUOTE:

    "I have a Rottweiler, two Golden Retrievers, two Dalmatians, a German Shepherd, and a Dachshund. They’re called the Slipknot SongDogs. Their names are Psychosocial, Vendetta, Sulfur, Duality, Gematria, Dead Memories, and Snuff." (snip) "You’re gonna look so stupid when 7 6 month old puppies ( 4 boys, 3 girls ) arrive at my Grandmother’s house"

    Five of those names are totally unsuitable. The best call-names have 2 syllables, so only "Sulfur" is the right length to catch a dog's attention. "Snuff" MIGHT do if you are capable of CONSISTENTLY stretching it to be "Snu - uff!" But the pattern across all 7 names shows a very childish anti-social attitude that you will be ashamed of if you ever "grow up". Your problem, not mine.

    💥Q2: Does Grandma KNOW about this?

    And for your information, dogs are neither "boys" nor "girls". If you went to a school you MIGHT have noticed what genuine boys & girls look like. Pooches are either:

    🐩 dogs or males or studs

    🐕 bitches or females or broods.

    • "Updated 5 days ago: Hey chill out man, my neighbor is a great breeder! His mom is a vet and his dad is a police officer."

    Which, if true, makes your neighbour a child or barely an adult, one who knows as little about what "a GREAT BREEDER" is as you do. Anyone who has 5 to 7 litters from FIVE different breeds in the USA (a nation currently ravaged by CoViD-19. Click: then click the "Total cases" column heading and notice that the USA has had almost a million more cases than India, despite that India has about 4 times as many citizens than does the USA) in about June 2020 - and still has SEVEN of the pups 6 months later - is an ignorant amoral puppy-miller.

    And WHICH "man" do you refer to?

    Any breeder who allows any client to buy more than ONE pup in any 6 month period is an ignorant amoral con-artist who cares NOTHING about what happens to his stock as long as he has discovered someone even more ignorant than himself but has MONEY - YOU, it seems!

    • "Updated 3 days ago: I am NOT a child. I’m 22 years old. I’m very responsible. Everything I told you is true. Sometime after Christmas, Our neighbor, ( a VERY reputable breeder ) is giving me 7 6 month old puppies :)"

    GIVING them? HoooWEEEEEEE!!!!!!! He IS desperate!

    As for those of us who regard you as a child: You might or might not have been born in 1998 - but it is your MENTAL AGE that we are thinking of.

    Apart from which: As I become 80 next week, and was a school-teacher for 30 years, I am definitely entitled to consider anyone who wasn't even alive when my son was born in 1970 to be a child.

    • "Updated 3 days ago: These dogs aren’t gonna fight. It’s not the breed of dog that makes them fight, it’s how their mothers were raised."

    Sorry, kid, but you AGAIN display your ignorance. It is the combination of the genes from BOTH parents that set a pup's instinctive character. Those instincts are HEAVILY influenced by the dam's character (assuming she lives, and rears the litter). After that the breeder might (or might not) adjust the instinctive character, the buyer might (or might not) further adjust the instinctive character.

    ❄️UPDATE❄️: I assure you that as soon as one of the 3 bìtches comes "on heat" (usually at 6 to 10 months old, depending on your district's climate and its latitude), all 3 bitches will be "on heat" within 3 weeks, AND all 4 males will be determined to be the one allowed to mate all 3. I suspect that the Dachshund will be the first killed, if it is a male. Whether the Rottweiler or the GSD is BOSS-dog or BOSS-bìtch at that stage depends on how soon it happens. If very soon, I suspect that a male GSD will be the initial BOSS-dog because of greater early maturity & dexterity, but the Rottweiler is almost sure to be the BOSS by 3 years old.

    ❄️IF you manage to THINK seriously you will choose ONE of the 7 NOW based in on your preferred BREED and GENDER. Of the 5 breeds, a Golden Retriever (#4 in Stanley Coren's list of the most intelligent breeds - but most have a soft nature that makes them less likely to train YOU) or possibly a Dalmatian (#62) is likely to be the easiest for an ignorant newbie to learn to TRAIN. GSDs (#3) are more likely to train YOU. They, and Rottweilers (#9), need YOU to be in a training class before they reach 22 weeks old. Dachshunds (#92) are too far down the list for me to bother with. Only 138 dog breeds got enough rankings from North American obedience judges to appear in that list. Around the world there are currently above 600 dog breeds recognised in at least their home nation, 344 fully recognised by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

    ❄️CANCEL❄️ all except that ONE pup. Then start investigating the weekly dog-training clubs & groups that are within your driving range. If you DON'T have transport to get you & 1 pup to a GOOD training club/group, CANCEL your order until you DO have suitable transport.


    💥Q3: Are all 7 of these pooches REGISTERED with the AKC as "purebreds"? If so: What's the KENNEL name for all 7?

    (👽NONE of the other alleged "kennel clubs" in the USA is acceptable to anyone who knows about dogs.)

    💥Q4: Which obedience training club or group are you going to take 7 different 6 months old pooches (👽far older than the ideal 18-to-22 weeks age for a pup to start in a class where its pet human gets COACHED by an experienced instructor for about a year) to?

    💥Q5: How are you going to persuade the instructor there to let you repeat the coaching session with SEVEN different dogs of 5 different breeds in the same morning or afternoon?

    (👽Most "baby" classes start with 30 minute sessions for maybe 8 weeks, but quickly extend to 1 hour sessions. And in case you haven't noticed: Different breeds have different characteristics - and even within the same BREED, different individuals have different characteristics.... To be an EFFECTIVE trainer you have to adjust your "approach" to suit the particular pooch you are currently training. Are you starting to see why no dog-loving BREEDER allows more than 1 pup to a household in the same 6-to-12 months PERIOD? And why I know that no buyer with adequate BRAINS and EXPERIENCE gets more than one pooch before that first pooch is satisfactorily TRAINED and obedient?)

    I see that [Lorraine]👸🏽 (almost in my nation's antipodes - but she's on the "other side" of the English Channel from "my" antipodes. And her nation's antipodes is a l-o-n-g way off-shore from my nation) has VERY similar reactions to mine.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    you have to be kidding me, why would a good breeder give away a new all litter to a very young person and how do you plan on feeding them getting them desexed or are you planning on becoming a back yard damn breeder, and how about  needles microchipping and all needles, kiddo you must be a very  wealthy young lady or your utterly mad and yes they will fight when they reach adult hood, and who told you its how their mother is that will stop it? someone needs to grow up me thinks too many in rescue allready

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    I've 27 dogs. All from BYB

  • 1 month ago

    I had 3 dogs before my current one in order:

    Bongo (My first dog)

    Huck and Finn (They were brothers)

    1 (current) his name is Sawyer and he's a mutt Huck and Finn were supposed to be my mom and dad's last dog first it was me and my sister that were on board, then we started tossing names around, then my dad was on board, the way to get my mom on board was since Huck and Finn were based on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 

    The way to get her on board was to name him Sawyer as in Tom Sawyer.

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    None right now.  Have 4 cats and 2 foster kittens.

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    lol... so you think you are going to successfully own SEVEN dogs all arriving at the same time...

    Even worse if they are all puppies and as for the B.S. about his mom being a vet well... all I can say is please....grow up.    No vet would hand over seven pups to anyone let alone a minor. 

    ADD....  If you are 22 yrs old then please don't be so damned naive.   No decent breeder gives that many puppies of the same age and NOBODY in their right mind would take them on.  All dogs of any breed will fight,  they don't have to be of a specific breed and it's never all in how they are raised. 

    Trust me here...this person is NOT a good breeder otherwise he would not have seven 6 month old puppies and he certainly wouldn't then put all seven in the same home. 

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    I have two dogs. If you are EVER planning on having a job or moving out of your parents house, don’t get more than one! It’s really hard to find places that accept even one dog, much less 7! Plus you’ll need to feed 7 dogs! I pay about $100/month for food for two. You will also have to walk all 7 every single day. I doubt you can do them all at once so you’ll be going on multiple walks a day, if you don’t, they will DESTROY your house. Especially considering the breeds you listed in your last question. Also, expect LOTS of fights to happen which will result in a ton of vet bills. You will end up rehoming all of them.

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    zero, same as you.

  • 1 month ago

    Does your neighbor breed to show his dogs?  Does he breed working dogs?  Or does he breed just to sell the pups for more than they are worth?

    Hopefully the dogs you are getting are NOT litter mates.  They will fight to the end of their lives.  A life time of fighting.

    You didn't give us very much information so there isn't much to say.  You have to be out of your mind to take on 7 puppies.

  • One - a 110 pound Cane Corso male named "FLUFFY" (not his pedigree name - LOL).

    He's professional trained but acts like a puppy around me. And he loves barn cats but cougars and bears don't come around here any more.

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