The Great Sphinx, Giza... tunnels, hidden chambers?

What are your thoughts about the Sphinx, is there a tunnel system beneath it. Is there a cover up there, and if so...why? What is down there in the giza plateau? How is the sphinx connected to it all?  Eye witness testimony, photographic evidence, even video...shows that something big is going on beneath the surface of the Giza plateau... 

There are many theories as to what is going on there, some far less believable than others. I am not that open to the idea that there's a mother ship down there haha.... but I do believe that something must be there...and it seems that the authorities aren't being entirely transparent about what's down there... 

Surely it would be great interest, given all the myths and legends surrounding the sphinx...and also due to how little we truly know about the ancient wonders of the world such as the sphinx...

What are your thoughts?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The Egyptian authorities are definitely covering something up, as for what, **** knows. IIRC the late Mr. John Anthony West and Prof. Robert Schoch, using GPR or some similar technique discovered evidence of a void underneath one of the paws of the great sphinx. Isn't there a known tunnel complex that leads down to an underground void in which lies a sarcophagus surrounded (or maybe submerged) by water? That last part COULD be fiction, but I could swear I once seen a video of it.

    There is so much about the whole complex that the mainstream would rather stayed covered up and not spoken about. For example, weathering of the sphinx enclosure, the age of the sphinx temple, who built it, who built the pyramids, no bodies ever found in pyramids, lack of inscriptions in pyramids, although legend has it, the whole of the exterior of the pyramids were covered in inscriptions until all the blocks were used to build Cairo after a great earthquake loosened / cause them to fall off. What I wouldn't give to read those inscriptions today!

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