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Why are Atheists hard on Christianity but soft on satanism and other religions?

My personal opinion is that these self-proclaimed Atheists are the satanists and they're scared of other religions such as Islam. They know Christians aren't going to bomb them so they feel confident about attacking Christianity. 

Updated 5 days ago:

I'm not a Christian, idiots. 

Updated 5 days ago:

There are atheists who think that they are atheists. 

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  • 5 days ago

    You clearly never had a rational thought in your entire life.

  • 5 days ago

     because christers evangelise their bullshit at everyone possible .... THAT SIMPLE

  • Mike
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    5 days ago

    Atheists are not "hard" on Christianity.

    The issue is Christians tend to be more vocal and hateful towards atheists than other groups.  So atheists have to defend themselves more strongly against Christian hate and intolerance.

  • jimmy
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    5 days ago

    How many Satanists come on this site boasting about their religion?

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  • Phil M
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    5 days ago

    Atheists can not, by definition, be satanists. I, unlike you, can not speak for all atheists. I can only speak for myself. I come here seeking out, and respond to questions directed at atheists. Some are posted by christians and some are muslim. I have even responded to satanists questions.

  • 5 days ago

    Non-theistic Satanists are essentially atheists. We're not "scared of Islam," we treat Islam exactly the same way we treat Christianity,  It's just that there are fewer Muslims here so you don't see it as often.  However, I know full well that the egos and pride of Christians require you to pretend that atheists never say a word about anything other than Christianity.

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  • 5 days ago

    While the majority of theists on R&S are Christians and that would give the appearance that "atheists are hard on Christians", if you read the answers given to Muslim or other religion questions, you will see that we're just as hard on them.

    I've said many time on R&S that Islam in in the top ten made up religions and a few years back we flooded R&S with pictures of Mohammed on Draw Mohammed Day.  I would say that based on the evidence, you are incorrect.

  • Cogito
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    6 days ago

    I'd advise you to keep your "personal opinions" to yourself, as you seem extremely ill-informed.

    You may have the impression that we're 'hard' on only Christians but that's probably because most religious people using this site ARE Christians, rather than Muslims, Satanists, Hindus, etc.   Of course we aren't Satanists - we don't believe that Satan exists either.  

    What do you mean by "self-proclaimed"?  

    I don't go around 'proclaiming that I'm an atheist in my daily life.  I simply don't believe that God exists.

    But no - we're not scared of other religions such as Islam. All religions are nonsense.

  • 6 days ago

    I have the same question for followers of ANY Belief System as I have for Christians:

    "Have you any testable, repeatable, consistent evidence of the existence of your Gods and Goddesses?"

    As of yet, all I have received by way of response is piles of words and the occasional Downward Thumb.

    The only Satanist I personally knew, gave it up, after he realized that Satanists are just as silly and narrow-minded (in their own special way) as adherents of any other Belief System.

  • Noddy
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    6 days ago

    Satanists don't have a hidden agenda of world domination using saving souls as a smokescreen..

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