Thoughts on D&D Villain?

.Putting a campaign together and want to change the villain. I was thinking about doing a Changeling spellcaster (or warrior with a spellcaster underling) villain who is tried of the world he has seen from every face and wants to remake society from its twisted view. The first adventure puts the PC's on its radar and slowly messes with them and uses them for its goal. It will attack each PC on a personal level since it feels they are personally hurting it.  The PCs will try to learn its plan and try to stop it but since they have no idea what the villain actually looks like they are pretty much chasing mist until the changeling chooses to reveal itself. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    That sounds pretty awesome to me, I love campaigns where the villain shows up multiple times and maybe has different goals each time instead of just a meeting once at the end. 

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