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Are Britain and Canada among the largest US states ?

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    Even punctuation won't make that question clearer.

    Do you mean, are they one of the largest, or are they geographically located among the largest ?

  • D g
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    Education is sad in some countries

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  • Mark
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    No.  Keep your day job; you're not even remotely funny.

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  • 1 month ago

    Canada is a country under the British monarch. Not a state. 

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    Britain & Canada are NOT  US states, be they large or small. 

    Both Britain & Canada are sovereign nations in their own right. 

    Both Britain & Canada have Queen Elizabeth (II)  as head of state. 

    Heaven forbid that we ever have 'Donald Trump' et. al. as Head of State

    When the Americans declared their independence from Great Britain, they did not know what they were letting themselves in for.

    'Missis Kwin' is doing alright; thank you  very much!!!!

    However, in a more jovial sense, Britain is the 51state and the USA is the great colony. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I do sincerely hope that your question is a joke or a troll.

    But in case not: Britain and Canada are sovereign nations, with no hint of being states of the USA.  At one time, what became the USA belonged to Britain, as did Canada.

    The land area of Canada is slightly larger than that of the whole USA, though the population is much smaller than that of the USA.

    The land area of the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is much smaller. Its population is between that of Canada and the USA.

  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    Even people with only the most rudimentary grasp of geography are well aware that neither Britain nor Canada is part of the United States. If by "Britain", you mean "the island of Great Britain", then you're asking about a place that's roughly the same size as the US state of Kansas - and there are over a dozen US states that are larger than Kansas. 

    If Great Britain were part of the United States, while it certainly wouldn't be one of the largest states, it would definitely be one of the most densely populated states, as well as the most populous. 

    Canada is larger than the United States - not by much, and it's only larger in total area, not land area. The United States covers a greater land area than Canada. Canada is considered to be larger because its territory is immense when the portion of its surface area comprised of water is taken into account. Even by total surface area, the United States covers an area equivalent to about ninety-nine percent of Canada's total surface area. 

    While neither is a US state and likely never will be, it's true that both Britain and Canada are heavily influenced by the United States, and that influence is cultural, economical, and political. 

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    Britain and Canada is not the USA if they were you would not need passports to enter!

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    Only if you enjoy my ways...NO!!! but seriuslahha.

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