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A printing shop wants to use my Design ( fanarts )?

Hi, so i received a DM the other day and i havent responded to it yet. Idk how to deal with it, tbh. They asked how much i offer my designs so they can use it for printing. Not sure what to say. 

I do fanarts for an idol group and my arts are probably average but i do spend some time to finish one. ( I dont have tools, i only use my android and finger to do art, still i could say they're pretty decent. )

And another printing shop asked my service to commish personalized ( simple ) chibi arts, ( made to order ). I accepted it for php200 about $4? ( perhead ). They just do contact me when they have orders. 

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    You need to be very careful with fan art and make sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed when it comes to copyright and trademark, otherwise you could be in for a world of legal pain. If I were you, I would stay away from any type of commercialized fan art and say no to the job.

    $4 is nothing for personalized art, even it if is simple, but here you need to take different factors into consideration. What are the going rates in the Philippines (I'm assuming that's your location since you write php200?) Is the print shop also in the Philippines? What is their customer base? What are they selling the finished products for? Etc.

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