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why are intelligent people so ignorant?

lets face it I am dumb most people are smart but it sound's to me most smart people don't like taiking to others who are uneducated so what is there intention.

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    1 month ago

    1 - I have faced the fact that you are dumb;

    2 - I have faced the fact that most people are smart;

    3 - I'm a smart person, and, yes, I admit I don't like taiking to others (do you mean take or talk?  It's hard to tell);

    4 - Uneducated and smart are two different things;

    5 - Their, there, they're.

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    gee............. idk

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    1 month ago

    The path to knowledge and wisdom isn't a linear or an exclusive path.  

    Those who have power at this time have the stronger way, but not the superior way.

    They are pig-headed and don't have an open mind.

    They think that their beliefs will go on forever and validate and justify all that they do.

    They selfishly force their way on others and don't have an open mind for truth.

    They arrogantly lust for preeminence, but not for human betterment.

    They want everyone to submit to them.

    They have their own agenda, one of arrogance, with a motive to impose their rule over the whole world, uncaring about people's lives. 

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