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Does masturbating uncontrollably help still FOCUS on work?

I have my OWN job in my house where I am already self-employed, and I could make all the money that my dad can't in a lifetime. My Dad failed out of school, did drugs, and switched tests on his kid whose not actually now considered NOT his. He actually got me thinking into bad habits, like attempting to smoke marijuana off the street, and talking about having sex with my STEP-sister. I masturbate uncontrollably after sex, and we're seperated because they're still uncertain or something, but I sadly don't know what goes on with that that I keep changing my mind that I tell people different things. I was told that she WAS my related-in-marriage sister, too. I still sit in this dark, lonesome depression.  

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I still THINK that people can be smart, I just needed to talk about Elon Musk in my inspirations. NOBODY listens to my thoughts and opinions about f*cking anything, anymore. My mom PISSED me off the most about this. I can't stand but not GIVE a ****. 

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    And yes it does help with focussing. The male orgasm is superior to the female orgasm. It can help you sleep, help you focus (as you and I both know) and also, creates life. It helped with my insomnia and degree. 

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