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would say that at least 1 out of 5 people in the work force are out of work right now? how many millions are out of work not?


is it just my misunderstanding that the US has been losing on average about 1,000,000 jobs per week for around the past 7 months? that would make around 30 million, and there are around 300,000,000 people in the USA? but how many are in the "Work force" or were last March. how that would make the percentage out of work in the "Work force" around 20 percent at least? or more?

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    You're probably correct in assuming that what is tragic is that there is absolutely no reason for it during the virus of 1917 the Spanish influenza 20 times more people died in half the time that didn't stop the economy back then instead it caused what we call the roaring twenties the most prosperous time in US history the media has ruined the way American people think they have convinced America that they are weak and sickly and cannot stand up. they have convinced the American public to run for their houses and to depend on welfare. Friend America has been ruined I doubt that anyone man can save us at this point

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    Your estimates are way off. 

    There is no reason to estimate when the actual figures are readily available. The number of employees is down a little over 10 million, not 30 million. The unemployment rate is about 8%, not 20%.

    It appears the reason for the incorrect figures you presented is that you only looked at the number of jobs lost (new claims for unemployment) without looking at the number of jobs added.

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    estimate 150m workers. You do the math.

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    no, the economy is doing ok, its mostly just the restaurants and entertainment industries struggling

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