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my alcoholism is destroying my life but ?

i never drank until college, i couldn't drink wine without cringing and now i down a liter of vodka a night, it's wrecking my body and i feel emotional unstable like i go into work in the morning and i have fears my boss can smell it on me, or people can, or i'll overdrink and be out of it, the alternative is... before alcohol i would just stay up all night  with anxiety about life, stuck in my thoughts, and  i never experience happiness, i went through a 3 year period with a girl in arelationship, i put the bottle down for her, drinking once a week and not getting drunk ever. i slept like a baby, she cheated on me and i ran to the bottle and idk... if i stop i will be just unhappy, hating  my existence and being an insomniac, idk what to do really, alcohol makes me feel good for a brief period but idk what's missing in me

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    Lucky Nat, clearly someone who has never experienced anxiety - otherwise you would know the side effects of these medications are sometimes worse than the condition treated! Totally with you Possum - I will always support someone who's been there or close to someone who has, rather than the judgmental know it alls!!~ .I too was addicted to alcohol. When I didn't drink it, I could actually taste it because I wanted it so badly. And I was an ugly drunk smashing furniture and arguing/yelling at people. That's when I realised how much I was 'tolerating' from the people I lived with. LMFAO - The next day they'd always go on as 'victims' about what I said/did. The times  I REMEMBERED what had happened, they'd actually go really pale with wide eyes and they'd change the subject. NEVER apologised for THEIR input to the fiasco.  Rather than 'bite my tongue' as I always did when I was sober, I'd yell and scream at the person provoking me (usually my kids) I piled on a lot of weight and couldn't sleep either. So add the incredible weight gain (100 kilos!!) to my self loathing. As life would have it, my environment changed. The deal I had with my (manipulative) daughter ended when we sold the house we bought together. I finally left the husband who would belittle me 'as a joke'. I found a job that mentally challenged me - I always enjoyed jobs like that. I was so content that I began to go for long walks - yes, and lost the weight. I still drink - occasionally - but have never been 'ugly' since I left those who were putting me down/setting me off. You know what is setting you off. WHY would you give that bit*h the satisfaction of putting yourself through this? She couldn't even keep her pants on!! The best revenge is to make something of yourself. And when she comes crawling around crying and begging forgiveness - you're going to tell her to push off!!

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    First, I'll tell you what does NOT help. William Miller of the Univ of New Mexico, one of the leading experts, was interviewed for the John Oliver expose' of rehab for HBO. The high-priced "rehab" facilities are scams. Don't waste your money. You can see the Oliver show on YouTube.

    Unless the person has a psychiatric condition, psychiatry does not help. I say that and I don't know whether or not you might need a psychiatrist. Maybe you do.

    I should add that cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is often administered by a clinical psychologist, has been shown to help with alcoholism. There's also a counseling method called motivation enhancement that's good. Then there's AA. They're all good. is like a brainy version of AA. Former substance abusers who believe in psychology, They have a program based on the standard therapies.  

    It's very, very important for you to talk with a doctor. Withdrawal should be treated medically. Also, you want to know about any other medical conditions your drinking may have caused. The way you drink it wouldn't be surprising if your liver has been damaged.

    Tip - act ASAP! You've got one hell of a drinking problem,.

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    So you're using alcohol to cope with anxiety.

    Why don't you take anti-anxiety medication instead? That's literally what it's for. 

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