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do you think we well be wearing the covid masks for 100 years?

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    Not even close.  But it does feel like it's already been 100 years since we started wearing them.  Nobody likes those friggin' things, but it will be over soon.  And by soon, I mean before the 100 year mark.

    To everyone who is currently alive, this pandemic is something we've never seen.  But as a species, it's happened many times before.  Over most of human history, one nasty little bug or another has ravaged humankind every 50 to 70 years or so.  We got lucky for a hundred years, but everyone knew it would happen again.  Nobody knew exactly when or what form it would take (they did know it would probably come from China), but everyone knew it was coming.

    I'm sure the public reaction was the same during the 1918 Spanish flu, the Black Death, smallpox, and all the others.  People were getting sick and dying (Covid is not very deadly by comparison to previous pandemics) left and right, everyone's lives were disrupted, people were covering their faces and staying apart from each other, and I'm sure they all thought "this is the new normal, life has changed forever" at the time.  Just like this pandemic, I'm sure people thought it would never end.

    But they did end, every one of them.  Sooner or later, scientists found ways to combat the illness and implement them.  New and improved treatments made the illness more survivable, and vaccines were developed to reduce or eliminate new infections.  I'm sure everyone remained vigilant for months or years after the disease disappeared, or at least stopped killing people, but then life returned to normal.

    That will happen with Covid too.  Whether a vaccine is ever discovered or not, medical treatments have already improved to make sure fewer people die from it.  Even if there's never a vaccine, it will probably become just another virus like the cold or flu as time goes on.  Then, probably 12 or 18 months after people stop dying, we'll start taking our masks off and touching each other again.  History has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i hope not, i hate them

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I won't.  I'm already 60 years old.

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