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Lack of a driver’s license, employment and life?

I am a 20 year old gay male college student. I live in New Orleans for right now. I am unable to obtain a drivers license due to having no depth perception and a seizure disorder. I am extremely concerned on how this will effect my life. Will employers be less likely to hire me, What about dating, will I become less attractive, getting to my job, errands? Will it be a Lot harder for me? What about say in the past like the 70s? Would it have still been hard even compared to today? Desperately seeking thought on this issue.

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    Maybe move to a state or country where you can walk or cycle. Plenty of other countries no one is bothered about whether you have a car or not. 

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    There's an old friend of mine who has never been able to drive because of his vision - very poor vision in one eye and consequently no depth perception - but I don't recall him ever saying that not driving bothered him. He's always wanted to live in big cities that have buses and subways, I imagine the pandemic has been hard for him, because mass transit is dangerous with regard to the virus, but his wife can drive.

    There was a time when I would have said how lucky you are to live in a great city like New Orleans, but as I understand it good old N.O. was really changed for the worse by Katrina, and with climate change it's still very vulnerable to hurricanes. But if you don't like it there you still have a choice of cities.

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    I'm an old gay guy. Don't go for a college degree for a job requiring much travel. You can get yourself officially designated handicapped if you wish to get an advantage in large corporate circles hiring. About dating, is anything stopping you from staying in good physical shape and eating a healthy diet? When you're hot, you're hot. People overlook issues. People drive to you and there is always Uber and Lyft. It was different in the '70s and '80s. Lot's of drugs and sex but much harder to build a relationship. 

    Don't worry so much. You'll do fine. When you're 21, are you interested in a free trip to Las Vegas? We have really good Thai restaurants and playing slots is fun. Excellent sports books and finally getting local pro-teams. 

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