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Is the, British "strictly come dancing", increase in  gay factor being shoved in people's faces going to finally derail the show? ?

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    I have a horrid feeling that those who watch, and vote on this Show, will be thrilled at where it's gone now. Craig was clearly beside himself with glee!!    If I keep watching, it will be interesting to see how his preferences are reflected in his marking!!

    However, actually I just about can live with two woman dancing together, as was often the case when I was going to dances where there were not enough men/boys around.   But at that time, there was no sexual context going on.    If they expand on the man with man dancing (as began last year), that may end it for me, totally. 

    But, if you look at Strictly, I'd lay odds the vast majority of the professional dancers are 'gay' in any case.    I don't like, or condone what's going on with the show (even after just one show!) and may not be watching on a regular basis.     The one good thing about last night's show was the fact that at last, one of Phil's songs was used (in the final dance).

    Poor Anton gets the short straw - again.

    ps   I'm not keen on any of the celebs. this time round.   And am certainly not a fan of Nicola Adams, regardless of her sexual preferences.

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    Are you drunk or just extremely sheltered? Like theatre, ballroom dancing has always been full of gay people.

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    2 months ago

    i would hope not

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    Come dancing, strict or not, is not necessarily Gay. There's a substantial audience for just that in Britain anyway. But has a wider appeal.

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