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Why wasnt the manager investigated for his actions?

For the past two years , a department has seen 12 persons out of a staff complement of 9 resign. With the average person staying 8 months in that department. Everyone at this company knows that the person is a terrible manager and lacks accountability. Yet why doesnt the company investigate him/her. 7 managers and senior officers left the department in 2019 no investigation into the actions of that hiring manager.

If this happened at your company what would happen?


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    Usually that terrible manager is related to one of the higher ups and they just turn a blind eye to his crap.

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    This is what would happen at my company: The people who left would not be replaced or would be replaced with cheaper workers with less experience (though perhaps with superior skills). The terrible manager would be complimented for saving the company money.

    Of course my company is so badly managed from the top down that they closed a small, profitable division because a hired gun told them to. They shot themselves in the foot twice on that one, however, because one of the workers who would have been laid off with the closure was transferred to another division where he has little useful experience, skill, or aptitude, so they are getting drastically less production for more money than they would pay for a good new, cheap hire.

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    I would give him a promotion.

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    Why are all these managers and senior officers reporting to a manger.

    That's an odd structure.

    How many different positions are there in the department?

    If there are 7, then we can surmise that the issue is a structural one with managers reporting to a manager and an officer reporting to a manager.

    If you can't do the math, 7 positions means that 3 have continuous turnover and 4 have no turnover.

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    I would determine if the department were running efficiently even with the high turnover.  If all the work were getting done and done well, I would consider that the lower wages being paid to the newcomers on the staff were a further savings to the company.  As long as no rules were being broken and people were moving on of their own accord, it is their choice.

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    Everyone at this company knows that the person is a terrible manager and lacks accountability. Really?  His bosses see the numbers, the fiscal and personal. If his dept is still producing as expected, why would they change a thing. There is a line around the block for the any openings that come along, usually for cheaper rates and benifits.  If what he is doing is providing the desierd results to his bosses, what more really matters?

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    The manager blows the right people

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