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There HAS to be a wy for me to be happy again, could someone give me advice?

As a child my mum had two aunts, they were like a grandma to me, they loved me very much. There was a very long period of time where I wouldn't go visit them and now they are dead. I remember I saw them after a long a time and they were so happy to see me. I feel like what I've done is so terrible. They've been dead for years now. I can't keep living my life peacefully. Those were also supposed to be the best years of my life, I had so much people caring about me, while now the mre I grow up the more relatives die. I just want to be happy and peaceful, I want to stop feeling like a piece of sh*t. Someone told me "Well they never called you or visited you or invited you anywhere either" and that is true but I think it's because they dind't want to bother me. I just really want to be happy, it's all I want.


I don't have money for a psychologyst. During my adolecence I was clinically depressed and the psychologist didn't help at all.

Update 2:

I stopped being so depressed by cutting a lot of friends off and dropping out of high school and doing the things I actually liked.

Update 3:

I made those aunt suffer a lot.

Update 4:

a psyhologist is not free here.

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    How did you made them suffer? " I just want to be happy and peaceful, I want to stop feeling like a piece of sh*t. " OK then, take it as a lesson, You can ask dead people to forgive you if you feel guilty - every morning or before bed - just pray and ask for forgiveness. Keep your integrity and move on. Guilt is looking for punishment - stop feeling guilty - compense it with good deeds get strong, humble and kind. And stop begging for happiness - paying too much importance of this lack will not bring it to you. By the way, there is a real scarcity for everyone. 

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    Yahoo answers can't help sorry. Check yourself in to a pysch ward. It's free. 

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