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What religion/ethnicity were the executioners in the gulags of the Soviet Union system?

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    They came from all the constituent republics of the Soviet Union, from the Baltic across Russia and the Trans-caucasus to Central Asia.

    The word "executioner" carries the idea of a person officially employed to carry out a legal state-sponsored killing. I  hope you're aware that vast numbers of prisoners in the GULag weren't officially "executed" but died of starvation, brutal treatment and inhuman levels of cold.

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    Travellers... travel agents... dispatchers... voyagers. This IS the TRAVEL history geographical section, you know.

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    Soviet union actually cracked down on religion as it rivaled worshipping the soviet leader as a god, so they were likely atheist or at least hiding their beliefs.

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    Atheist/non-religious, Russian Orthodox, Muslim, and other

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