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Do babies recognize their mom or do they see them just as nurturers and milk-givers?

I'm asking cause while I was holding and playing with my nephew (7 months old) he started to climb on me and opened his mouth, with his little hands he touched my chest, as if he wanted to be breastfed. I kept telling him 'no, I'm not your mommy... there's nothing here what are you looking for?' but he opened his mouth again and tried to climb up on me. My boyfriend was bent into two laughing and kept saying he was mistaking me for his mom and he was probably hungry, and said he probably felt something like -any boob in a storm-. Actually later he started to cry so that his mom breastfed him and he didn't act weird anymore. Was my boyfriend right? Did he want to be breastfed and took me for his mom?

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    Yup, I'd say the "any boob in a storm" hypothesis is probably accurate. In many tribal human societies, cross-nursing is fairly common, particularly among close female family members. Wetnursing was still reasonably common not all that long ago, but the invention of formula has largely replaced that need. A 7 month old baby definitely recognizes his mom, but searching for "food" elsewhere out of instinct isn't in any way unusual.

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    Babies run on instinct. They do have the capability of knowing who their mother is, but when they are hungry, they will just look for a boob. 

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