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Did Bruce Lee ever hear of Helio Gracie? If so, why then they never met each other?


Of course I'm aware of the big age difference betwen Bruce Lee and Helio Gracie because Helio was born in 1913. And I know his oldest son was 21 at the year of Bruce Lee's death. And that the younger Helio's sons were significantly younger than their oldest brother.

But, was Helio Gracie already popular in the USA ( and also all over the world ) during the 60s and the 70s?

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    You ask these question from the perspective of the Internet and cable tv era which while they existed in the 1960's, very few people had access to them back then.

    In this era of the Internet, you can learn about just about anything and anyone in any country. But before the 1990's which was when accessibility became affordable to the masses, you were limited to books and magazines which quite frankly were not all that many and very limited. In the English speaking world, news about places and people from South America was very limited.  Even today, you hear almost  nothing reported on the mainstream channels.

    UFC did not really take off until 2007 and only after nearly 6 years of deliberate expansion by the parent company Zuffa LLC. And it was the popularity of the UFC that introduced people outside of South America to the Gracies.

    While Bruce Lee was an avid reader, he was still limited by the publishing world during his life. If you look at the books and magazines from the 1950's and 1960's, they were all from small niche publishers.

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