How to keep my high performance 2500 lumen flashlight cool ?

It tends to run hot quickly.  My concern the heat will kill the batteries faster and really afraid it could explode from the heat.  


@ Mark according to all the reviews I have read it just runs hot because of the capacity of the lumens.  I was just wondering if there was any way to make it help maybe stay cooler.

Update 2:

@ i love chocolate donuts

New flashlight takes 12 AA batteries.  I am just trying to find a solution so it runs cooler.  I had a flashlight with built in rechargable battery stopped charging after two months.  

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  • i've  read  reviews  these  confangled  modern  flashlights  are  'disposable'.  twenty  years  ago … we'd  purchase  a  flashlight … recharge  the  batteries  when  low … or  purchase  new  batteries.

    with  these  new  bloody  led  flashlights … recharging/replacing  is  a  moot  factor … they  will  no  longer  be  dependable.  from  my  perspective … it  all  boils  down  to  supply  'n  demand.  they  make  products  that  fail … so  more  products  are  purchased.  people  don't  complain … so,  the  cycle  of  abuse  continues.

    i  purchased  a  small  led  flashlight  several  years  ago ($12+/-) … batteries  eventually  died (after not being used in five years).  replaced  with  new  batteries … turned  on  for  five  seconds … worked  only  sporadically  from  then  on.  after  two  minutes … nothing  more.  piece  of  junk.

    have  you  replaced  the  oem  batteries?  have  you  recharged  the  oem  batteries?  did  this  happen  when  the  batteries  were  dead?  or … have  you  replaced  the  batteries  before  they  died?

    imho… as  mark  suggested … i  doubt  the  batteries  would  become  too  hot.


    Brinkmann Rebel 30 Lumens 2AA Water Resistant LED Flashlight

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You might have a bad battery connection which will increase the amperage and therefore the heat.

    I don't think it will explode like the Lithium-ion batteries on cellphones can do.

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