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7 month old cat?

I have a 7 month old cat. He is super sweet but does NOT get along with our other cat. He will pounce on her while she eats, poops, sleep, sit. She will just be mind her business and be attacks. I learned if their ears are back then is not playful and his ear are back. He also terrorizes my child during online schooling. Will knock the computer over and tear apart her homework. I also have a 2 year old and the cat will not let him nap. He will just run up and down the stair the entire nap time. Keep in mind he is not fixed and only 7 month old. We are planning on getting him fixed but they aren't able to do it for another month and to be honest I cant wait that long. Should I rehome my cat? I love him but I feel like it torturing my other cat and that makes me feel horrible. My boyfriend says keep him and wait until after we get him fixed to decide but what about my other cat? Also house is too small to separate them. I tired separating litter box, cat food, sleeping areas. He still doesn't leave her alone. Help. 

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    You have a cat that is full of energy, and you aren't doing anything to help him get that energy out in a productive way.  Of course he is going to act like this.  

    First, he needs to be neutered.  He will start spraying and will get more and more aggressive.  He could have been neutered 5 months ago.  If your vet isn't willing to neuter him, get a better vet.  

    Get more toys and actually play with him.  Use a feather on a string to get him to play hunt.  For cats, hunting is a game, so play with him with a game he likes to play.  Get him up and moving.  Watch some videos of Jaxson Galaxy about how to play with your cat, its not the same as playing with a dog and can take some time to learn how to best play with your cat.  Once all of his energy is out he will behave better.  Once he is neutered he won't have aggressive tendencies like he does now.  

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