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Decent digital hd camera with bluetooth remote?

I'm a complete beginner! So I'm having a hard time finding a decent camera that has a bluetooth remote? I was looking at the canon T7 Rebel for the reviews but I don't think it has this capability? I'm confused on what I should be looking for. I'm a total amateur but I would like something pretty efficient to not have to do hours of a bunch of editing. This is for self use nothing to make money off of. It's just for family photos and nature, etc. I'm all for experimenting with lenses and just all around learning a new hobby. I guess I just need some help with the basic steps please? I want to be able to set it up on the tripod and say if I'm watching the hummingbirds, I can be far enough away to not bother them but hit the remote to take the pictures. Or am I just crazy? Thank you! Sorry for being brand new. The internet has so much information and now I'm just confused!

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    Many cameras have infrared (IR) remotes.  However, you probably already have the Bluetooth device in your hand or near by.  It's your phone.  There are plenty of free apps that allow you to trigger the camera remotely.  You just need to make sure that the DSLR or mirrorless camera that you buy has Bluetooth because not all do.  The T7 has remote capabilities via WiFi but not Bluetooth.  The T7i does have remote capabilities via Bluetooth.

    The T7i also has tethering capability which allows you to monitor the scene remotely and trigger the camera via the Air Remote Mobile App.

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