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What's more of a better email service than Yahoo?

I'm thinking Gmail would be the better option and I already have a Gmail. I feel Yahoo has kinda targeted me a lot and have recently gone too far. They deleted my second made Yahoo account I created and used it as my primary. And I do feel they targeted me quite often even removing real questions that I didn't see as going against community guidelines. And you know I knew people that were like who still uses Yahoo and really I say I'm not supporting them as a company anymore. I could've actually lost thousands of dollars if I didn't remember my password because I had that email on my PS4 and I've definitely spent that much over the years I've had my PS4 on digital copies of video games and movies. I would've probably planned on turning it into a lawsuit but at least I was able to change my email on my PS4. And it really wasn't that I was not on my email I don't get on the internet very often but I signed in the morning and had no problem. I feel Yahoo is targeting me and I don't want any part of them anymore. If I have a question I'll go to Reddit not Yahoo answers.


I have talked to a person about my problem. They said they would get an email to my account but I haven't gotten one yet.

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