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Where is the best country to study abroad in?

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    1. Which language(s) are you fluent in at a high academic-technical level of proficiency (not just conversational ability)? That determines which country/ies you might consider.

    2. What's your career goal & which degree(s) which field do you need to get into entry-levels of that? google-search rankings for universities, both overall rank & rank in your intended field of study. You need to get into well regarded school, respected by employers in your country, or your job options will be limited to non-existent when you return home.

    3. What's your budget? You must prove you (& your parents) have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country of citizenship to apply for a student visa if a university accepts you. E.g. plan on a minimum of USD50,000/yr for 4 years for US; UK - GBP30,000/yr (London 40,000); Canada - CAD30,000-40,000.

    Every school has its strengths & weaknesses. A lot depends on what you want to study.

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    Depends on what you want to study, what languages you speak, your grades, and your budget. 

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    "Best" is a value judgement.  You need to speak the language well or you will not learn very much.  I studied in France, which was a social success and academic disaster.  Then I studied in Zimbabwe. Top notch education with Oxford examiners certifying your degree, but a very different social scene.  I was one of only four white students who lived in the dorms.

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