Car Registration Transfer NJ?

I bought my car over a year ago but as I was only 20 I put it on my parents insurance so the title (which the loan company still has) has my mom's name on it and the registration is in her name. I recently moved to my own insurance and need to register the car in my name. I was just sent a copy of my car title but I have no idea how to transfer because every where I reading says I need to pay off the loan first which is not possible right now. Plus the loan is in my name the car just isn't. I am not sure where to go from there and need to transfer the title/registration asap so I am looking for any advice I can get.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You just admitted to felony fraud.  Interesting.

    The lien in one time has to be PAID OFF before the lien can be transferred to another name.  Your only hope is if a loan company will give you a loan on a vehicle which is NOT titled to you, use that money to pay off the existing lien, get a new lien.  The minute you tell this history to ANY bank or loan company they will back away.  As I said, it's a felony to defraud DMV.

    In MY State you cannot get collision insurance on a vehicle which you do not own.  This is the same as me getting collision insurance on your mother's  car - I (and you)  have no LEGAL INTEREST in the vehicle.

    I would assume the title (and the legal responsibility) remain your mother's unless/until the loan is paid and the title is released.

    My nephew talked my parents into this type of situation.  All went well until my nephew was in an accident and my PARENTS were sued.  This is a dangerous practice.  If that wasn't bad enough my nephew AND my father were charged with fraud by the DMV and the insurance company.

    Foolish thing to do, more foolish to post it.

  • May
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Your Mom cannot sell the car to you or to anyone else because it has a lien on it.  You cannot insure a car that someone else (Mom) owns......unless you have a "insured interest" in the car and I doubt that could be considered to have an "insured interest" in Mom's car.   

    Because you are making the payments does NOT change who owns the car and makes NO difference.

    Putting everything in Mom's name was a bit shady and is now coming back to bite you.  You better hope that you don't get in an accident with this car because the insurance company may refuse the claim .....unless they were previously notified that you were a "occasional" driver. 

    You can only undo this if/when the loan is paid in full.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The loan cannot be in your name if the car is not.  Might be easier to just keep the tags where they are rather than payoff loans to transfer the title.  Call the insurance company and explain. I have confidence it does not have to be in your name to insure you.

    There may be a way to register it in the new state without the lien being paid off. I am unsure as I have never done it but I bet thousands have. So the DMV may know.

  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You are very confused about laws.

    Title designates the owner of the vehicle. It may have a lien holder if there is a loan with vehicle as collateral.

    Registration is an additional state information document of owner for tax purposes mostly.

    The address on the registration is where the car is owned.

    The title can have an old address.

    The name on the title and registration is the owner of the car; not you.

    You cannot transfer a car with an unpaid loan.

    The loan CANNOT be in your name. 

    Only the owner can put up the car as collateral for a loan.

    Anyone can insure a car if the insurance company will sell the policy but they look at the addresses involved.

    You cannot do what you want to do.

    Maybe you bought a car that is too expensive.

    Do your parents have the money to pay off the loan, give the car to you and you pay your parents back?

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