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How do I Convince my Mom to Let Me Play Undertale?

I've taken an interest in Undertale, and I want to play the game. However, my mom would KILL me and call the priest, and bathe me in holy water if she ever found out I was ever into something remotely scary. She says it goes against my values and shes probably right... but is it wrong of me to still want to play? I think this game has a lot of soul, (omg sorry I couldn't help it xD) I think the characters have really well- written storylines and designs, and overall think this is a quality game. I want to be a part of this fandom. I have a couple more questions... (I probably should have consulted google for but nah im lazy)

-Where can I play it? On what gaming type? PC, Nintendo Switch...?

-Do you have to buy the game?

-What's your favorite character? (mine is Azriel, from what I can tell he's such a cinnamon roll)

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    i left my nasty nasty ut faze a few years ago. yeah, it costs money. BUT i pulled a sneaky on my mom and bought a steam gift card off amazon.. then just put it into steam on my laptop, that also works with Nintendo Eshop gift cards. i just did mine on pc

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