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Ae my business ideas too exotic, complex and unique to be a money maker?

I am a software developer, marketer, salesman, and don't get me wrong, i make a good living and have lots of freedom, but none of my businesses are multi million dollar ventures. 

For example I heard a guy talking who simply just rents generators. And hes telling people "Yeah just a warning, im completely sold out. I cant even tell you when another generator will be available." like WTF? A generator rental business? Thats the most stupid, simple idea I have ever head of. But the guy is probably making a killing right? or is it all in my head? Whenever I hear someone say "Im swamped" in my head they're making $200,000 plus per year. 

Are my ideas just too complex for the world to understand what I offer? Do I have to open a business that doesnt require a brain to make lots of money instead? Should I give up on being smart?

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  • 2 months ago

    Equipment rental is a huge business! I don't know why you think it would be so simple to run an equipment rental business. Any business that thrives, has somebody with some brains behind it. 

  • 2 months ago

    Well if you could write a program that would prevent nasty, wet poops from smearing the insides of your butt cheeks all the time I would pay handsomely for that

  • 2 months ago

    Not necessarily. 

    There is a good saying that goes like this "all unsuccessful people think the same thoughts, and all successful people think the same thoughts ".

    So in reality if your goal is to appeal to as many people as possible, think into that direction and create a product that is relatively easy to sell to the masses. That doesn't mean it's "bad" product. Maybe more simple. Just ask around!

    If you believe your product is good, get an outside opinion of the people who at least understand what you're doing and do a follow up, then gather feedback and improve your product if necessary.  

  • 2 months ago

    That's impossible to say, since you haven't told us anything about YOUR business ideas.  It sounds like you are doing fairly well for yourself, so your ideas MUST be money-makers.

    If you imagine the generator guy as making $200K a year, you might be misleading yourself.  Just because someone is busy doesn't mean they're clearing a great deal of money.  It depends on their business model and their market.  For example, the typical cattle rancher controls assets worth millions and is ALWAYS tremendously busy, but quite often struggles to make ends meet.

    Just a note:  $200K a year is not a magic threshold that signifies you have arrived at "success".  Many people clear that much and yet still fail in business.  And there are also those who clear that much or more, whose businesses are successes, who yet fail to achieve contentment, or fail to achieve financial security, or fail even to avoid bankruptcy.  You should spend a little more time reflecting upon what "success" looks like for you - BEYOND just some random amount of money.

    You are in software.  It's a potentially lucrative field, but it isn't one that depends upon finding customers among the average people at a shopping mall.  There are smartphone and computer apps that millions of people WILL pay for (which is a bit more like renting generators to Joe Consumer), but that's only a small corner of your market.  Is that where you really want to head?  Refine your thinking on what you enjoy about your trade...that'll help you answer questions like that.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You have not shared your ideas. And multi- million dollar ventures are not easy or everyone would be multi-millionaires.

  • 2 months ago

    You're so smart that you can't figure out why anybody would need or want to rent a generator part-time? OK.

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