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Spider pouches?

I keep seeing these little web pouches in the house. I’ll occasionally see a spider just hanging out inside of one. It’s not an egg. It’s typically in a corner of a wall up high. And the spider will leave it and come back and stay in it again. What is that? Why do spiders do that? Is it just where they rest? Side note: PLEASE do not include any pictures of spiders with your answer. I have a phobia and even seeing a picture really freaks me out. Any help would be appreciated Thank you in advance!


I really don’t think it’s a nest or egg. There is a fully grown spider in there. Only one. And it comes and goes. I can’t see right through the little web pouch. There’s nothing else in there. Only one spider.

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    This is typical of long legged sac spiders and jumping spiders often found indoors.

    Some other spiders are similar but only use these sacs when molting or overwintering.

    They are usually active hunters, sac spiders coming out at night to hunt insects on foot. Jumpers are more daytime and often near windows.

    Take care of your little buddy,he/she will eat mites and other household pests while you sleep.

    Now a gravid female will keep her eggs in such sac and watch over them until they hatch so you can't rule that out.

  • L.N.
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    2 months ago

    Many spiders are active hunters that don't spin webs to catch prey, rather they run it down and pounce on it. A lot of these spiders do however build a silk bag to sleep in. Some spin a new one every day. It's a spider's sleeping bag.

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    Bizarre, isn't it?

    If I remember, there's more than one group of spiders that do that, and some caterpillars too, so it must be a useful thing to do.  Outdoors you can find that the temporary "cocoon" is used on the underside of a leaf or sometimes even to roll up a leaf.

    I will speculate that:

    o it's protection from rain

    o it's protection from diurnal predators

    o it's protection from tiny parasites

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It very well could be a clutch of eggs, many spiders wrap a clutch of eggs up in silk and stash them in a ceiling corner.  

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  • Barry
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    2 months ago

    It's a nest for baby spiders.

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