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Thinking about doing a Winter escape from January to (maybe) March. Where should I go?

So thankfully I work fully remotely now (woohoo!). I have access to travel to another country and work from there, as long as I don't get any of my belongings stolen. So I'm thinking about travelling to a very warm place for 3 months, as I currently live on the East Coast, but I don't know where to go. I'm looking for a place that's relaxed, and doesn't have too many COVID cases. If it matters, I'm 26 years old, female, single, no kids.

So far on my list, I have:- San Diego (never been here but was considering moving here at some point. Would love to check it out)

- Barbados (been here before, I liked it, just scared about how expensive it can get)

- Aruba (never been here, but I've heard people LOVE it here. The island is very tiny though)

- Miami Beach (also never been here. People in Florida are crazy when it comes to COVID though)

- Dallas (and, never been here, but was considering moving here at some point as well. But just like Miami, people here are crazy when it comes to COVID protection)

What do you guys think? Any piece of advice/suggestions/concerns?

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    San Diego is a good choice. The issue with foreign locations will be rather you're allowed in or not given the continuing high rate of infection in the US. You can still go to Calfifornia.

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